Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

  • If anyone would like to help out backstage for the fall drama, Fools, see Amanda Levy, the student producer.

  • The first Tech and Lighting club meeting will be in the little theater tomorrow, September 27.

  • We will be having a food Drive in the upcoming months that will kick off on Saturday, October 15 at the Stop and Shop on main street, in smithtown. Where we will be asking people for donations. To sign up to ask for donations, on this day, please go to the website's committee page. We will need boxes for this event. We will also need people to make signs advertising the food drive.

  • There will be a Thespian Conference in New York City Saturday, October 22, 2011. The Theme is  superheroes, we will not be dressing as such. There are scholarship opportunities available to seniors that attend. There is a $10 fee for members and a $15 fee for non-members, plus the cost of a train ticket. To sign up to attend click here. Spots to attend are not guaranteed and will be given to upperclassmen first. 

  • There will be a Halloween bake sale on Halloween. We ask for volunteers to help sell the baked goods as well as setup and cleanup. We also ask that people donate store bought/non-homemade baked goods because without baked goods there can be no bake sale. To sign up to donate or volunteer, go to the website's committee page and scroll all the way down, there are separate sheets for baking and donating. 

  • Safe Halloween need about 2 stage crew members as well as set designers to sign up for both see Kaitlyn by wednesday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

  • Homecoming is Saturday, September 24, to sign up to be on the homecoming committee that will be  marching and helping with the troupe go to the website's committee page and fill out the homecoming form. We ask that everyone be at the firehouse on Plymouth ave. by 10:45 am. The parade will begin at 11am.

  • Safe Halloween will be on October 31, Halloween. Auditions are Tuesday September 20, and Wednesday September 21 in the Little Theater. 

  •  The auditions for the Drama are on Wednesday, September 14 and Thursday September 15

  • Our First Pizza Sale will be Next Monday, September 18. We will also be having a bake sale in the near future.

  • There will be forms to sign up for committees on the website under the label of comities on the navigation bar on the left side of the website. The only committee form currently being enlisted for is the homecoming committee.

  • Please join the Theater Arts class if you have 9th period free; it is taught by Mr. Brannigan.

  • Mr. Miller will be advising the Lighting and Crew Club; it will be meeting once a moth the first meeting is t.b.a.