Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

  • Susan Blackwell will be coming Dec. 11, if enough people want to attend, if you would like to attend please comment below that you would like to come. 
  • We now now have a suggestion box if you would like for something to get covered during susan Blackwell's visit please place  it in the suggestion box.
  • We would like to visit the middle schools sometime in april after Godspell is over. 
  • The point system will be changing soon!  
  • Fundraisers- we are hoping to do a car wash. if you sign up you must attend. 
  • Tribute Band tickets must be sold and handed in by Friday November 13. Tickets are $10 each. 
    • At the tribute band we will be doing a jewelry sale. 
    • These are the ticket receipts and flyers.  in order to print these unless u just print the entire page you need to be signed in to a google account. sorry. :(  
  • Please follow this blog if you are in thespian troupe you will need a blogger account to do this so please make one :)


    1. ok. im assuming this is u Paul? well, i made one of these things. r u able to add like authors on this or something. if u can, add me. thx!

    2. ooo a car wash! when will that b taking place?